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Increase Concentration through Yoga

Increase concentration and memory power are things that every one of us lacks in some way or the other. Therefore, due to the lack of concentration we cannot get the maximum work output efficiency in our daily life. Lack of concentration easily gets us distracted and the random thought generation inside our mind makes us stressful and full of anxiety.

There is a very powerful way to increase your concentration and hence your memory power and that is through yoga.  Yoga has evolved in the last few decades as the most efficient tool to transform our inner self.

Yoga To Increase Concentration And Memory Power



Kneel down on the floor and sit on your legs. Your toe must be touching your bump. Sit erect and place your palms on the respective knees. Now close your eyes and relax your mind. As a matter of fact this is the most basic yoga that you can do for 15 minutes in the morning and evening.

Lotus Pose

One step ahead of Vajrasana is Padmanasa or Lotus pose. It is used during meditation by yogis. Sit down on the floor and fold your legs in cross position. Place your palms on your knees and it must face upwards. Touch the tip of the thumb with the index finger. Close your eyes and observe your breathing process.

Tree Pose

This is a balancing pose and it requires the full attention of your mind. Because this is an advanced step, before you can try this out you better do Vajrasana and Padmasana. Not many people would be able to do it initially and hence, you should not get frustrated. Stand erect and put your hands above your head and join the palms. Now, fold your left leg and touch the feet of it on your right thigh just above the knee. The further you can go up on your thigh, the better it is. With practice, you can go up further easily. All you have to do now is to take deep breaths and let everything go away from your mind.

Yoga To Increase Concentration

Basic Meditative Pose

As we all know that meditation increases your concentration more than anything else. Sitting in meditation requires a basic pose. Sit in any posture that you find comfortable. Therefore, it can be lotus pose, Vajrasana or simply the way you sit on the floor. Stretch your hands and touch the thumb with your index finger. Initially, random thoughts will come, do not resist them, let them come and face them. Once all the random thoughts subside and you will reach a certain meditative state. You should practice meditation half an hour in the morning.

Prayer Pose

Just stand erect and join your palm near the middle of your chest. Close your eyes, put your legs slightly apart and put your face slightly upwards. Now, bring the attention of your mind to the center of your eyebrows. You can start by analyzing your deep connected breaths. It is better to do it in early morning especially during sunrise facing the sun.


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