Memory Loss – Let’s Talk About Amnesia

What is amnesia?

Head injuries may severely damage some of our brain’s functions. One of the most important roles relates to our capacity of recalling actions from the past: our precious memory.

Having difficulties or not being able at all to remember information from the past might be a sign of a wicked disease called amnesia. One who suffers from amnesia will have big problems even when is trying to recall basic things like name, age or family members.

As said above the main cause of amnesia is a brain injury or damage. Other possible causes can be brain infection, alcohol abuse, intake of toxic substances, lack of vitamins or certain medications.

Amnesia vs. Alzheimer

A huge percent of the amnesia cases turn into Alzheimer. Although this may be true, Alzheimer is known to occur at an increased age, approximately 65 years old. Furthermore, Alzheimer is progressively aggravating over the time. Hence, in the advanced stage it is so severe that one cannot carry on a normal conversation anymore.

The worst news about Alzheimer is that at this moment it is not curable. However, the early symptoms have treatments and they can slow down the degrading helping the sick to have something close to a better life quality.

Different from Alzheimer, amnesia can strike at any age. However, there are some techniques for improving memory that can help amnesic people and their close ones deal with it.

The Recovery Process

One of the most important aspects in amnesia treatments is the support offered by the caregivers. References from past can help them recover but, if it is disturbing then one should restrain. The patients need to be supervised and helped step by step. Due to the disease specifics there is always the risk that they will harm their selves.

One of the most efficient strategy to start the cure process memory training and information replacement. The ill will work with a specialist to learn new information to replace the forgotten one.

In addition, modern technology can be very helpful. Nowadays, there are tons of smartphone applications that can remind the patient the main events from a day as well as relevant images of certain people, objects or places.

Another approach is the use of medications. Once again, there are no drugs available at this time for curing the memory problems. However, if the cause is a lack of some vitamins or substances they can be replaced.

Psychogenic Amnesia

Also known as dissociative amnesia this disorder occur from a psychological trauma or something that a person experienced or witnessed i.e. abuse, rape, killing or accidents.

This type of amnesia can take from a few hours to a few years. Even if most of the patients recover without medical interference there are a few ways for them to get help. Generally, treatment seeks to aid the person process the hurting memories and get new ones or just pass over them.

Additionally, some life changes as the job or the city along with the family support may bring patient memories back to life.

Another approach is by hypnosis. This will explore the thought, emotions and memories using techniques like deep relaxation and concentration. The patient will be induced into a different state of awareness.

It is to mention that this type of amnesia also steals away the possibility of creating new memories.

Stress And Amnesia

What about stress? One of the biggest concerns of nowadays. We live now in a super speed era where time for ourselves becomes very precious and rare. There are so many things to worry about and to remember. Deadlines, bills and appointments seldom give us a gap to meditate, relax and play games or other nice and easy activities. This level of stress may lead memory problems towards us. In order to avoid that we should have a healthy diet along with physical exercises and some vitamins intake. Also, do not use alcohol in excess, protect your head, treat infections quickly and if you feel any kind of symptom related to memory loss seek immediate medical help.


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