How To Increase Our Memory Power: A Comprehensive Guide

How To Increase Our Memory Power? Read this overview to find out.

According to the World Health Organization, approximately 47 million people around the world suffer from dementia.

This is a debilitating disease that robs one’s mind of its most basic human functions. Similarly to Alzheimer’s Disease, dementia begins with a decline in one’s abilit y to retain memories in the short term.

For example, where you put your keys or what you ate for breakfast that morning. As the disease continues to spread, the symptoms begin to worsen and the body deteriorates.

Many people who suffer from dementia soon forget their fondest memories, close relatives, dearest friends; until they cannot remember anything at all.

This terrible disease, as depicted in popular Hollywood movies such as The Notebook and The Iron Lady is a very scary reality for many people.

It is common that when one gets older, memory retention begins to weaken and it is harder for the brain to continue to hold as much information.

However, there are techniques one can practice without the use of surgery to reverse cognitive decline, promote memory retention and increase overall brain function.

Food For Thought


Did you know that one of the best places to start improving your memory is in the kitchen? Our ability to keep focused on certain tasks, retain information and even process new information often relies on what we put in our bodies.

Foods that are good for your brain often contain healthy fats, are rich in antioxidants and help fight inflammation, as well. Some of the most common foods that can improve your memory are:

· Avocados

· Coconut oil

· Dark Chocolate

· Celery

· Blueberries

· Walnuts

Many of these foods are also rich in vitamin K and folate, which can help in improving your gut health, are related to brain function and increasing concentration.

In more general terms, low-glycemic index foods, foods that keep your blood sugar stable, are optimum for improving your memory.

Work it Out


In addition to a healthy diet, daily exercise is a great way to improve memory and increase cognitive function all throughout your life.

Remember that your brain is a muscle and just like the rest of your body, if you do not use it and give it the proper exercise, the function will be reduced and eventually lost.

Any exercise is good exercise, especially if it is for at least 30-60 minutes a day, but research says that exercise in the morning, in particular, helps to increase brain activity and reduce stress.

Studies have also shown that exercise that involves a certain amount of coordination in addition to cardio such as a dance class or an aerobics class helps training your brain for multi-tasking, which helps with memory.

Remember Your Vitamins


In conjunction with a proper diet and exercise, vitamins are a great way to supplement already healthy habits.

According to a variety of studies, there has been a theorized link between a lack of vitamin B12 and memory loss.

There has also been more promising research that if vitamin B12 is taken with omega-3 fatty acids such as the ones in fish like tuna or salmon, it can help slow down cognitive degeneration.

You can also take vitamin E to help improve memory. According to one study done by the Journal of the American Medical Association, vitamin E can help with issues associated with Alzheimer’s Disease.

This can be taken as a supplement or can be found in vitamin dense foods such as nuts, seeds, and dark leafy green vegetables.

Remain Calm


Stress causes so many terrible things to happen to our bodies. It can raise our levels of cortisol, causing us to gain weight. It can also cause hair loss, acne, irritability and, of course, memory loss.

Many people of an older generation who are more susceptible to memory degeneration can greatly benefit from yoga practices and meditation.

It is also recommended to listen to calming CDs or music when falling asleep to promote a more deep and restful slumber and prepare the mind for the following day.

Sleep On It


Speaking of sleep, sleep is one of the best and easiest ways to improve your memory. A lack of sleep can affect the body in a few different ways.

One, sleep deprivation makes us unable to keep focus or attention, which often leads to inability to hold onto memories.

We may not be able to have an accurate interpretation of events, which causes certain situations in our brains to blur and contort into something of our imagination.

It also reduces our ability to physically perform which may cause accidents because we are clumsier than usual.

Sleep can also affect our mood. If we are irritable or annoyed, we are less likely to be able to retain information.

Our body is expending its energy on our emotions. When we are calm and focused is when we are able to remember things the best.

Keep On Learning


The previous tips are routine, daily habits that can help improve memory. But what about things that you can do that will promote memory in a fun and new way?

Learning a new skill will help you improve brain function, because it makes new connections in your brain. For example, start learning a new language.

This is supposed to be one of the best ways to promote this theory. Think about it. If you know three languages, which means that you know three words for every single thing that you see.

This gives you connections to other cultures. Also help you understand phrases, nuances, and words that are you are unable to translate into your native language.

Another great think to learn to help improve your memory is music or sign language.

Those skills involve tactile learning that can help you learn with both your hands and your mind.

Often learning that involves multiple methods, visual, aural, verbal, physical and tactile, can help the body remember with the brain.

DON’T Multitask


Many people think that the act of multitasking improves memory because you have to do many things at once.

However, this actually produces the opposite effect. When you are multitasking you are unable to do any of the tasks you are attempting to do efficiently, easily and correctly.

Focusing on one task at a time, completing that task and moving on to the next one can help you remember the steps and results of each task more easily.

Also, there is also less of a chance for steps of a certain task to fall through the cracks.

To make a better habit of this tip, it is a good idea to write down a To Do list. Mark each of the tasks off of your list one by one. Seeing a visual representation of how to do each task individually is a great way to feel a sense of accomplishment and focus on one thing at a time.

Brain Games and Applications


In the new age of technology, there are so many ways to improve your memory waiting at your fingertips.

One convenient way to do it is to utilize memory games and applications on your Smart Phone.

For exemple, the  simple card game, Memory. Your task is to remember where pairs of cards are placed when they are all facing down. It is a great simple one to play when you are just beginning.

One of the best-rated applications for your brain Lumosity, which tackles each person’s personal problems individually.

You can decide if you would like to improve your attention, memory, processing speed or flexibility of thought.

This gives the user the ability to improve upon certain skills and cross-train in other areas.

Another great application to use is PersonalZen, which combines the calming activities of meditation with powerful memory promoting messages.

It also helps to reduce anxiety and stress, which will in turn also increase brain function and improve memory.

As you can see, there are multiple ways to improve your memory, boost your cognitive function and become an overall healthier person.

If you are able to utilize the ideas listed above and turn them into healthy habits, you will be well on your way to improving your memory and preventing memory loss later down the road. They are also relatively easy, simple and cheap or free to take part in.

How To Increase Our Memory Power?We Should Start Practicing!

The United States National Library of Medicine conducted a series of tests on this topic. According to them, by 2050, the Alzheimer’s disease will affect over 106 million people worldwide. This is a statistic that we can drastically reduce if we would start taking the necessary steps to improve our memory.

Although many of these tips and tricks may seem simple or silly, we sincerely hope you will put them into practice in order to keep your memory intact and improve your quality of life for the rest of your life.


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